Breaking Barriers in Code: Shing's Tech Triumphs Over Dual Impairments

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Amidst the rapid advancements in technology, the story of Shing, one of our Python Programming Bootcamp alumni who is also visual and hearing impaired, stands out as a testament to the transformative power of education, digitalisation and determination. Shing, who had been working in the tech field as a web developer and administrator for two years, embarked on an upskilling journey with Excelerate and defied constraints his physical impairments initially posed. 

Shing's story begins with his revelation of having lost his eyesight at the age of 10 and experiencing a significant hearing loss six years ago. Despite the challenges presented by his dual impairments, Shing delved into the field of technology, guided by a genuine curiosity and passion for programming.

Upon recommendation from his manager and eagerness for the potential of skill enhancement and career growth, Shing embraced the opportunity to learn Python, a language with versatile applications in the tech industry.

In Shing's words, "By learning Python, I’m able to create Python-based software and development. Since Python is popular and [I] sense that it might be useful in the future." His expectations were not only met but exceeded, as he gained a profound understanding of Python's fundamentals and hands-on experience in developing Python projects. Although his current role doesn't involve Python, Shing foresees its application in his future endeavors.

Being totally blind presented unique challenges during the bootcamp. Shing highlighted the visual elements, stating, "During the lesson, one way I discovered to make it work is whenever the instructor writes the code shown to other students, I will request the instructor to copy-paste the code into the chat so that I can read it with my screen reader." This approach allowed him to overcome the obstacle of visual demonstrations and difficulties in hearing the lesson smoothly. Shing also commends the considerate nature of his instructor, Deeban, played an instrumental role by accommodating his requests and being open to adapting teaching methods.

For slides and course materials, which were often in PDF format, Shing faced challenges with irregular text rendering. Undeterred by these hurdles, he persevered, emphasizing the importance of accessibility in educational materials and applications. Shing relies on a screen reader, a software that converts text to speech, to navigate the digital landscape. While it has proven invaluable in many scenarios, there are limitations, particularly with inaccessible software like Jupiter Notebook frequently used during the Python bootcamp. Shing's journey sheds light on the ongoing need for improved accessibility in tech tools.

Shing's reflections on his journey underscore the importance of perseverance in both personal and professional realms. He highlights the transformative nature of technology and its potential to create equal opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those with disabilities. His words of encouragement for anyone, especially differently-abled individuals, contemplating upskilling through a bootcamp is rooted in encouragement. Shing advocates for entering the tech space with determination, leveraging available support systems and collaborative environments. 

By undertaking the Python Programming Bootcamp, Shing has not only acquired technical proficiency but also illuminated the pressing need for enhanced accessibility in educational tools. His story spotlights  the transformative power of education, digitalization, and determination, reinforcing the belief that, in the world of technology, opportunities for growth and success are limitless. 

Looking ahead, Shing envisions a future where Python becomes an integral part of his work. He states, "Python has a general purpose. It can be used for DevOps, web development, even to software development." Shing's aspirations reflect the versatility of Python and the potential for growth within the development field. As Shing continues to navigate the dynamic realm of programming, the possibilities seem plentiful. We can’t wait to see where his new and enhanced programming skills will take him next.

Shing's story serves as a compelling reminder for the tech community to enhance accessibility and inclusivity. It challenges educators and employers to embrace diverse learning styles and provide an environment where every aspiring individual, regardless of physical abilities, can thrive. Shing reaffirms that the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds, and with the right mindset, one can reach their goals for self-improvement and professional growth.



Here at Excelerate, we employ a simple process to improve inclusivity. We strive to identify the needs of diverse learners and collaborate to embed resources or techniques in the learning experience to address these needs. We also follow up with the learners to evaluate or refine the inclusive learning process.

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Published on Dec 04, 2023

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